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INTP psychonaut on a voyage into the inner universe.
Passions include art, music, psychedelics, nature, and of course, jellyfish.

Harm reduction, not prohibition.
Read up.
EROWID - Psychoactive Plants & Drugs


I need some recommendations!

  1. bootypirate420 said: Electric children
  2. lestrixmwr said: Troll hunter. A bit slow at first, but stick with it
  3. mofo-fo-sho said: Fargo The last stand Lars and the real girl Arrested development The dictator Donnie Darko Aziz ansaris stand ups Mike birbiglias stand up
  4. clutch-it-like-a-cornerstone said: Breakfast Club
  5. joyinloving said: Microsomes
  6. 6snake6charmer6 said: King corn
  7. indigo-ranger said: what genre?
  8. jellyfishtimes posted this